5 Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Ethical Handcrafted Leather Bags.

5 Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Ethical Handcrafted Leather Bags.

Are you looking to buy a leather bag? Are you also wondering about the ethical implications of using one? Well, you’re not alone! 

Handcrafted leather bags are desired by all, because they make a statement without trying too hard. However, many people also wonder about the sustainability factor. And rightly so, since we ought to make conscious choices towards better practices. The leather products industry faces a lot of criticism because it is considered to be unethical. However, there is another side to this. There are companies that are following the highest ethical standards. We at Immri, make constant efforts to practice only the best policies within the industry.

Firstly, let’s clarify one thing — leather products can be ethical. Before you get frazzled by the statement, here are some facts that you should know before declaring handcrafted leather bags ethical or unethical. 

Our Leather Products Are Reusing By-Products of The Meat Industry 

While some may argue, the fact is that leather products convert the hides that were being thrown away to create useful things. Our handcrafted leather bags are produced responsibly while making sure that the artisans, as well as each vendor we are associated with, get their due. 

Leather tanning is not harmful 

Another big myth about leather bags is that the tanning process is harmful to humans and to the environment in general. Almost every product you buy has been treated with some kind of chemical. With advancement in research, the leather industry is also better equipped to manage processes like tanning. Speaking of our brand, each product is carefully produced following the strictest safety and hygiene guidelines. Even though we do need to use certain chemicals for our luxury products, we team up with tanneries that have a strict policy for workers' safety and create a safe working environment for them. 

Faux leather isn’t the best for the environment 

Today, many people believe that the non-animal products used to produce leather are more ethical. While they may be in one way, there is more to this. The vegan alternatives such PVC or PU are made from plastic which isn’t biodegradable. These plastics can never be recycled. So, if you think that buying a bag that looks like leather but is actually made from plastic, are you really making a more ethical choice?

The Craftsman needs employment too 

With each bag sold, each member of our team receives more than just monetary compensation. The artists who create our handcrafted leather bags are extremely skilled. Which is why, each bag tells a story. We always say that we don’t just sell bags, we sell an artist’s creative expression. Our artisans and designers hail from the City of Joy and for them, there is no greater joy that using their skill to create something exquisite. We take pride in the lineage to our products since our artisans are carrying forward the legacy of their ancestors through generations. 

The Longevity of the Bag makes it sustainable

Our bags are created with the most genuine, highest quality leather out there. These products, if cared for properly, can make them last really long. The landfills around us are growing and with more and more products being thrown into it, there seems no respite. Our bags are designed to never been thrown. You can pass it on through generations—think of it as an heirloom you would like to keep. Rather than buying a bag with a short shelf life, isn’t it better to buy one that lasts long, one that you don’t have to throw? 

When Immri was envisaged as a brand, our biggest concern was how to make handcrafted leather bags as ethical and sustainable as possible. We wanted to create a product that everyone loves and wants to make a part of their wardrobe. But, we also wanted them to do that absolutely guilt free. We take pride in having been able to execute that. Which is why, when someone asks us if our bags are an ethical purchase, we answer them patiently, and clear their inhibitions. 

If you still have any questions about our products or our production, we will be happy to address them. Meanwhile, add to cart and buy, without hesitation!

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