Your Guide to look like a Festive Firecracker

Your Guide to look like a Festive Firecracker


Keep your celebratory spirits at the highest with our style curations to set the festive mood just right. A scintillating outfit with the right and accessories will make you look festive-ready.

So what are you wearing this festive season?

1. Bohemian Vibes with the Fold Bag

If you feel, breathe and live for the Bohemian vibe as much as we do, then Immri is just the right place for you! Our eccentric and quirky Bags & Accessories with dramatic details like Aaina Charms, Fringes and Tassels will transport you to a Boho paradise. We recommend you to choose the Fold Bag with Aaina Charm that can be styled in two ways - a Sling Bag and a Belt Bag! Wrap the belt bag around a Sharara Pant with a playful shimmery top! 



2. Kaftan Life with the Evil Eye Potli

 If you’re a true fan of Kaftans, trust us, we feel you! Kaftans are a way of living and we totally swear by that. Kaftans are versatile & oh so comfortable and have garnered a lot of attention in the recent times. The Evil Eye Potli Bag in Jodhpur Blue strikes the right balance between Indian heritage and the modern vibe. Presenting the best of luxury and craftsmanship, the Potli Bag will elevate your contemporary and youthful looks effortlessly and add that much needed  dash of colour.


3. Print Glint with the Hathi Batua

Prints are a fashion statement in itself. So if you too are an admirer of all things Print, join the club! Take your love for printed outfits a level up this festive season, as you team it up with an IMMRI classic! Let that festive vibe keep flowing in the Flower Eye Hathi Batua setting the mood right! The luxurious bag is a vibe in itself that will go perfectly with your ethnic looks. 


4. Sari with a twist 

Can’t wait to drape that heirloom sari gifted to you by your mother? Saris hold a very special and intimate place in the Indian culture, which is highlighted even more in the festive season! This year, wear your Sari with an uber-contemporary twist as you wear an Immri Belted Charm along! The accessory will add the right amount of soft pop to your Sari! The quirky little Hathi Charms with enhance the look by adding a fun and playful element to the poise look.
Cinch your ethereal Sari with the handcrafted Belts on your waist!



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